I thank God for the broken roads that led me straight to you, Pati Steele

by kurt680

I had asked God to find me a wife and a lover in a prayer meeting.  My journey was mixed with ups and downs in my walk with God and in 2 failed marriages, challenges in business and health. ” I thank God for the broken roads that led me straight to you, Pati Steele.”  My journey was filled with strokes and they led me back to the Bay Area due to recovery.  Our love story was a story for the best book on this planet.  God brought us together and this is my story and I am sticking to it.  When we met for prayer that night, I had no clue that there would be my life mate and soul mate in that prayer meeting, but we met.  There were many who were skeptical of our friendship and many did not give us credit for listening to God’s voice, but we fear him before we fear any man.  We dated and it became apparent that our heart beat to the same drum.  This drum was God’s heart for people.  We love people and have a passion to touch as many lives as He would see fit to touch through us, but we had no clue that God knew that she would have the kidney to SAVE my life.  You see I was running at about 3%-5% OF ENERGY.  I had challenges finding work and many other challenges that led to financial challenges, but God knew exactly where he was leading us, DEPENDANCE ON HIM AND HIM ALONE.  When we decided to make a life long commitment, many tried to talk us out of it and some tried to destroy the relationship even the week before our wedding, but we clung to God and each other.  God gave us signs.  One of personal favorites is Pati’s ring.

We did not know how I could ever afford a ring to represent my love for Patricia Steele.  God decided to give us a ring to show His love for both of us.  We were in an another prayer meeting on a Monday night and during the prayer meeting where we were pouring out our heart to God.  An elderly lady, who had held onto her wedding ring for years after her lover had died, pressed the ring into my hand and whispered into my ear, “this is from God.”  She left the meeting and I placed the ring into my pocket.  Later that night, I was able to show Pati what God had provided for us and we sat in our car and wept.  God had provided for Kurt and Pati Steele a gift that we will never forget.

We went into ministry, taking our heart for people and combined with prayer for an equation of touching lives.  We decided to activate our faith and started a non profit and live by faith.  This had its challenges.  This step was part of the plan for God and we lost every financial possession that we had accumulated.  It was amazing and hard…my health began to sink to depths that we could not imagine.  We kept ministering to the homeless.  We found little financial support and it gave us the vision of disillusionment for a season in our life but God was driving us more into our arms.

God led me to start a business again and it was slow going, but I wanted to provide for my family.  My health kept failing and it seemed that faith was not enough.  Many told us that God healed everything and that suffering was not in God’s plan…but why was my family suffering?  Many told us every conceivable piece of advice and we kept trying to find the answer.  But everywhere we turned, we found no answers.  God used business connections to build a future, but everything we touched would just not work out.  God gave us himself and kept saying, “Rest in me…”

Then came End Stage Renal Failure.  I went to Las Vegas for a convention where I was the videographer and producer of a live stream and my health challenges came to the pinnacle.  I was trying to make up my debt to the Kings Academy because I desperately needed the money.  The person who sponsored me barely covered my costs and greatly under paid me.  This happened over and over again.  God, I do not get it!  I came home and just slept and then the news…My doctor informed me of my End Stage Renal Failure and that I had to have get an emergency procedure done to save my life and go on dialysis.  This was what seemed to be the final blow to me and my family.  9 hours per week sitting in a dialysis chair was not my idea of getting us back on our feet financially but God’s plan was better because this forced me to depend on others and most of all, God.

Then my team came out of nowhere.  A team to start a company with miraculously pulled together and this would be the team that could take the ball down the court with me or without me.  This company is called TruNorth Global and can be found at http://www.trunorthglobal.com   Our team is made up of diverse backgrounds that are perfectly matched, this team began to build momentum when I found out my wife’s willingness to give up her kidney to give me a chance at a second life.  As we prepared for a possible donation of Pati’s kidney, we put everything in place so that the company could move forward and not miss a beat.  God had a plan.  This team became my friends, my extended family and my constant encouragement.

My wife, on my 50th birthday, announced to me in a card that she insisted that I read aloud.  In the card, it stated, “we are compatible, we are a match…”  I was clueless, but then it came to me a match for a kidney.  After weeks of grueling scrutiny, we were both approved for the transplant.  BUT what blows my mind more is that God knew before the foundation of the world that Pati would be my bride and she would be a match and her heart would be filled with sacrificial love to give to me freely.  You see, God knew and God provided again.  Thank you Pati for taking a risk to mary me and show me what unconditional love is really about.  My sweetheart showed me sacrificial love and her kidney is working already in less than a week.  God gave the surgeons talent to be able to do this transplant.  Our business is growing because God gave us a team of people more talented then myself.  As my Jewish teammates say, “Shalom!” which translated is “peace”.  They greet with this word and I think we all can learn to greet everyone with the word “peace”.  I found a great resource who explains this tradition, “The one who is asking says “peace onto you.” Peace is mentioned first, because the first person knows that he wants the peace and is asking the other to agree. The responder says “unto you [plural] peace,” for he is the one to actually create peace and unity in the plural— between the two of them.”  Pati and I have found peace!  Join us and read about our journey together!